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The method of hyperbaric oxygenotherapy is presently becoming the basic part of individual medical procedures.

It is a method of treatment, during which you are closed in a pressure chamber under the excess pressure of more than 1 bar, in which you breathe pure oxygen using a mask for about 90 min. The number of recommended applications depends on the type of illness and its progress.

For the whole time of application you will be in contact with attending personnel through a speaking apparatus. To make the time more pleasant you will be able to listen to the radio (the choice of two channels is provided using the blue push button). The inside of the chamber is monitored by a camera Instructions and approval to treatment by hyperbaric oxygenotherapy

. In emergency you can contact the attendants of the chamber by pressing the red alarm push button.

The application consist in the phase of increase of pressure (compression) to the value of the curative excess pressure – most often 1.4 bar. The phase of increase of the pressure lasts 15 to 20 minutes, during which due to compression also the temperature inside the chamber increases by 2 to 3°C.

In this time the changes of pressure can cause pressure in ears due to equalization of the pressure in the middle ear cavity. To make equalization of the pressure easier it is necessary to make some steps (try to take a deep breath or expire with your mouth shut and blocked nose), to swallow, to chew, or to release the rhinal mucous membrane using the drops Sanorin. It is a prevention of possible damage of the ear-drum, or its burst. Pains in ears are the first symptoms of insufficient equalization of pressures and this discomfort is important in particular in tympanitis, bronchitis and virosis. Hyperbaris is recommended till the symptoms fade away.

If you have serious problems in equalization of the pressure or other health problems, inform the attending staff. You can also leave the chamber during the application by going though the pre-chamber.

Another phase is the phase of maintaining the stable excess pressure of 1.4 bar inside the chamber (isopressure) for about 90 minutes and breathing the oxygen by the mask. In this time there are no changes of the pressure and most often clients do not experience any discomfort.

The application is finished by the phase of decrease of the pressure to the atmospheric pressure (decompression) lasting 10 to 15 minutes. In this phase it is again necessary to equalize the pressure in the middle ear by the steps above, although the troubles tend to be smaller. In this phase there is slight reduction of the temperature in the interior of the chamber by about 2 or 3°C.

This curative method is based on a simple physical principle. In the barochamber the pressure increases by 1.4 bar, which is the same as if we dived into the depth of 14 metres below the water level. The effect of oxygen at this excess pressure is based on 3 times higher solubility and thus higher effect in the body fluids. At normal atmospheric pressure which we live in the most oxygen is transferred by hemoglobin, only 2 to 2.5% dissolves in the body fluids.  At increased pressure the amount of dissolved oxygen in tissues increases – at the excess pressure of 2 bar up to 6% of oxygen gets to tissues. This amount is sufficient for recovery of tissues in danger of lack of oxygen.

Hyperbaric oxygenotherapy is a treatment method which is of great significance in treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning, air embolism, caisson disease of divers, gas gangrene, total sepsis and also as supporting treatment of many other diseases. We use the effect of normalizing the lack of oxygen in tissues, prevention of reproduction and growth of bacteria,the combined effect significantly speeds up healing of wounds and wounded areas, increases immunity, improves nourishment of skin and hypodermis.

Side effects of treatment at maintaining the therapeutic procedure and exclusion of contraindications are neither serious nor numerous. With everyday application irritation of middle ear may occur, yet very rarely. As a prevention, release of the rhinal membrane can be made using the drops Sanorin before application.

For safety reasons it is prohibited to take any objects to the chamber unless approved by the attendants.

There is a strict rule against taking open fire, matches, lighters, chemical heaters, electrical appliances, watches, mobile phones, alcohol and glass bottles inside.

In case of non-conforming to the safety rules there is a risk of fire in the hyperbaric chamber!!!

Please change your shoes and put on clean clothes before entering the chamber, make use of a lockable box to store your personal items.

I hereby declare that I have been sufficiently informed about principles of treatment and possible complications and I am able and willing to conform to the given instructions.

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